Become a student

How to become a student at WomenFuture Academy

To attend Dream Big Women Academy an application must be sent. One of our project managers on Zanzibar will be in touch to schedule an interview. We will choose the people we see as capable and motivated to complete the education and to perform this kind of work.

What will you get as a student at WomenFuture Academy?

Our students get the top notch of education and training in pedicure and manicure, basic finance for small businesses, self-leadership and English. We perform follow-ups to secure that all participants improve their skills and succeed in their field of work.

The education is free of charge. NB! You must bring your own food for the days at the academy.


The classes given at WomenFuture Academy is hosted in Fumba Town, Fumba Town Service Center and Practical Permaculture Institute.

Plans and activities

The classes run over a period of three months. After the classes are ended we do follow-up training and seminars. Our students should be the best educated women in the pedicure and manicure business on the island – trained by the world’s best in this field.

Getting a job after the education

We assist all students in getting a job after graduation. We provide connections and agreements with the tourist hotels and resorts, as well as run marketing and PR to make both the education and the graduates known. Those who would like to start their very own business will be followed up on this.