Our backstory

In 2009, the Norwegian John John Bruseth made an attempt to start the WIZ Institute (Women in Zanzibar). He did not manage to get this going, and the idea was put to rest.

While working on several other initiatives in Africa during the years, he gained a lot of experience in how to run projects that succeed.

In 2017 John John had quite a magical meeting with the Norwegian woman Tone Lise Forbergskog, founder of Norway`s leading school of education in the field of pedicure, manicure, beauty makeup, skin treatment and massage. Before John left her office that day, the idea of creating an education for women was brought back to life.

A pilot project with 32 women was run in 2017. Important experiences were had. In 2019 Dream Big Women Academy (DBWA) in Zanzibar is a reality.

Four smiling people standing in front of the beach

Our mission

Our mission is to empower, teach and train women in making their own small businesses and increase their income. We provide the opportunities for them to lift themselves, their children and families and thus the society.

Our partners

Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar: providing Permaculture (agroforestry and sustainable living practices) education to the Zanzibar community

Fumba Town Service Center: providing environmental services (edible landscaping and sustainable waste management)

Ministry of women, children, elderly and youth: supporting our mission.

ID Leaderhip v/Irmelin Drake: PhD in strategic leadership. Associated professor in leadership.

Johoo Foundation: Building Sustaniable businesses for women in Zanzibar.

Nobody succeeds on their own

Dream Big Women Academy will be a dynamic, safe and empowering place for the women, after they finish their training. A place to meet, get advice and continue to grow.

We will assist the students in getting a job after graduation. We will provide connections and agreements with the tourist hotels and resorts, as well as run marketing and PR to make both the education and the graduates known. Those who would like to start their very own business will be followed up on this.