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By empowering women we build thriving societies!

WomenFuture Academy is a Norwegian driven school on Zanzibar.

Our mission is to empower, teach and train women in making their own small businesses and increase their income. We provide the opportunities for them to lift themselves, their children and families and thus the society.

A group of happy women on a white sand beach

Why will we succeed?

Expanding tourism. Holistic education. Follow ups.

One of the keys to success is the ever increasing tourism and the roles of the women in this field. Our experience from the pilot-project in 2017 is that the women awoke in how they view themselves and what they can accomplish.

We know that they have expanded views of themselves and the future of their family. At the same time they need to be empowered in several ways to really make a personal leap -thus a leap for their family and society.

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Two girls from Zanzibar with diplomas in their hands